So I was really at a lost of just what to take a photo of for day 7 of 365. Tomorrow i’m going to go back and read the lovely Kaylahs post on the 365 photo a day project she has lots of great tips! But I just said hm.. i’ll just spin hahahaha. SO yeah here i’am spinning!

Today we really didn’t do much at all! Just one of those nice lazy days felt more like a Sunday but it’s Friday!! I can’t believe how the week has gone by SO quick!! Yikes! Today my sister brought over her bridesmaid dress for me for her wedding it seriously looks like a wedding dress! it’s super pretty and is blush and has a taupe satin ribbon but the ribbon isn’t the color she was hoping for so we have to make our own! But anyhow i tried it on, and it zipped up so yay! only i think i could only take a couple bites of food wearing it or i just may explode lol so lets just say hello to diet and exercising until the wedding! aka 5 months! yowzas! I’ll have to take a photo of the dress tomorrow i promise! 🙂

Tomorrow Jeremes going to take me to practice driving so I can work on getting my license! My lovely friends sister whom I’ve known since she was in kindergarten just got her license today!! Im so proud of her! It has inspired me to get out and start practicing so I can get my license! this is the year i will get it i just know it! I just need to get kicked in the butt to get out of the house and practice! 🙂

Alrighty o well i guess that’s all i really have to share, sorry this post is mostly text poopie! I’ll see you tomorrow wish me luck on practicing driving!! I’ll get jereme to take a photo of me scared to death! hahaha



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