What’s in My Purse! [the messy version!]

So I Wanted to do a quick what’s in my purse post! Usually I admit i may clean my purse up a tiny bit before I take what’s in my purse photos but this time I figured i’m going to show my purse as is! aka a Mess! haha 🙂 So here we go!!

Alright the Details!

Purse was a Lovely Christmas gift from Jereme it’s from Hot Topic, believe it or not Hot Topic has SUCH a GREAT selection of Hello Kitty goodness i LOVE it! 🙂

Lets see where do i start…..
– my cell phone!
– some misc. money that should be in my wallet!
– my wallet that Jereme got me for xmas its tokidoki for hello kitty! i loveee it
– my paul frank gloves! since it’s ridiculously cold now!
– breath mints galore! (tokidoki and victorias secret)
– reicepts mostly from target and the post office
– my keys which are mainly keychains hahaha
– my inhaleur
– mini packs of tabasco!! we went to panera bread company the other day and they had these and yes i stocked up, ya know for emergency purposes only of course hahaha 🙂
– and other misc. junk! a baggie of tums! vicks! a hair bow! a pen! and a business card case!

Woohoo! that’s it! nothing special! just a messy mess haha 🙂 if you do a what’s in my purse post let me know! I’d loveeee to read it!! 🙂



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