On the Sixth Day of 365 Photo Mission I took a quick photo of my wall of markers and a cutie pie vintage deer crossing sign that I got from Etsy a while back! 🙂 Why don’t they make super cute deer crossing or any other animal crossing signs like these anymore? They really should!! 🙂 hehe.

Well today we went to the post office! Then we went and finally saw the newest Harry Potter movie it was sooooooooooo good!! I can’t wait to see the second part! Then we went to Target because I wanted to see if they had anymore Christmas clearance! and guess what????? it was 90% OFF!!! seriously now who was all over it?? ME hahaha but really it’s like almost FREE! 20 Cents for Ornaments?? and 50 cents for a pack of 25 ornaments?? um… yes!! haha

SO I came home with ornaments that most people would not buy but I’m weird and like crazy colorful goodness I found these carasouel looking horse ornaments that actually just clip on the branches! but they have a hot pink feather coming out of their heads and i think it just may be perfect for the hot pink tree! woohoo! i also found some fun music note ornaments! and not shown in the photo but i did get a big box of black white and silver ornaments too! it’s so fun digging through the clearance i just love it! but sometimes seriously you have to put your game face on and dig while other people are trying to get in your area to get the goods first lol haha

OH and then we went to the Dollar Tree after dinner! And i had to share these gloves I got! You may think i’m nuts but i’m so amazed by them! lol FIRST! you see super cute and comfy layered gloves right? well this is just look ONE of THREE!

now if you take off the striped portion you get the normal comfy hot pink gloves!

lastly you can just wear the striped glove part for a nice comfy fingerless glove! perfect for texting in cold weather lol. 🙂

3 looks in 1! and for $1.00! yay!

Alrighty O I’m off to bed! I’m going to take photos of new jewelry and goodness for the shop tomorrow since my camera is offically charged! Yay! 🙂 so i’ll see you then! oh and also i’ll be offering custom pinback buttons in my Love Badge etsy shop starting tomorrow! i meant to put it up today but ran out of time! :I



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