Mini Chalkboard Tutorial!

So I Thought I’d Post a Mini Tutorial! It’s Super Easy and Would Be Great for a Gift for Anyone! 🙂

All You Need is…

– A Frame of Your Choice! Big, Small, Medium, Modern Looking or Fancy Schmancy Looking! 🙂
– Paint Brush!
– Black Chalkboard Paint

First Step: Take the Glass Out of the Picture Frame!

Second Step: Start Painting the Glass with the Chalkboard Paint! Note this Does take a Few Coats! Or You Can Always Get the Same Affect By Painting the Cardboard Backing of the Frame with the Chalkboard Paint! I Just Used the Glass Since It’ll Make it More Sturdy! 🙂

Third Step: Put the Glass Back into the Frame and Close it Up and Ta-Dah!! A Snazzy Chalkboard was Born!!

Now this one is Mini But Would Look Super Adorable in a Kiddos Room! Imagine Making a Nice Big One for the Kitchen or Craft Room! Super Fun and Easy Huh! 🙂 If You Make One Let Me Know! I’d LOVE to See!!



2 thoughts on “Mini Chalkboard Tutorial!

    • awe perfect for mothers day!!! oh and i’m sending you the invoice riiiiight now!! 😀 so sorry it took FOREVER and i’ll drop it off at the post tomorrow! 🙂 thanks for taking the items off my hands you’re the BEST!

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