Okay if you get easily annoyed by ranting please by all minds skip this post! lol. I don’t normally get offended if people copy my ideas to an extent but today i found out someone copied me pretty bad and i’ve been frustrated since!

As many etsy-ers or crafters or anyone knows that theres a SUPER huge chance that your unique amazing ideas will get copied one day sooner then later, and im one to understand that! We all work off eachothers ideas in a tiny bit when you think about it!

Anywho Today I Ran into a gals blog who happened to have a table right next to me at the elemantary craft show i did last year (2010). And i was excited to read her blog and realized she posted some photos of her craft table at a craft show she did shortly AFTER the elementary craft show, and saw that she made GLITTER ARMY AND DINOSAURS!! MIND YOU at the elementary craft show where we were RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER i had for sale GLITTER DEERS!!! SO i kept reading and she was all super pumped she ‘thought of the idea herself and turned them into glitter dinos and army men and she was all excited they sold really well’ when in reality who did she get this idea from???? HMM.. ME!!!! UGH and no wait it doesn’t end there!! She went as far as to package them the way I PACKAGE MY GLITTER DEERS!! what the hoot? really??

Now if this happened on Etsy i would be SUPER more understandable about the situation because YES other crafters like to run ideas from other crafters and make something similar but not SO similar and thats a o kay with me but this time the certain person had a table RIGHT NEXT to me and i kept hearing her say ‘oh yea i should do that, yeah i could totally do that’ and then i find out on her blog she totally copied me even down to the packaging!!

This may not seem like a big deal to you and that’s completely understandable! And if you are offended by this sorry! it’s just extremely disrespectful and i don’t agree with being ‘inspired’ aka ripping off other crafters/artists work to that extent!

my photos her photos!

Okay I’m Done! this is not personal it is BUSINESS and i take my business serious and when something unfortunate like this happens it does i admit get personal! thanks for reading this everyone!



4 thoughts on “Ranting!

  1. Yep…she copied you..but her stuff does not look as good as yours! I mean it. I adore your work…I cannot tell you how many people complimented my autumn leaves headband. I get inspired by you daily. I promise here and now that I will never copy you…I don’t get why people do that…they never replicate your work as good as you do it…why do they try? You rock…and I adore all your amazing work. If people want truly cute items…they’ll go to you…no worries! Hearts, Janna Lynn

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