365 Day Two and Crazy Inventory Day!

SO Today I Woke Up Sick! (BOO!) Then I finally felt like getting something accomplished so i decided to lay out what I have available for sale and am now sorting what I can relist in the shop and what I need to take photos of aka super fun new products yay!! Heres a quick photo of my messy sorting skills hahaha.

But My Day Two of 365 is when I was sorting I found my awesome battery operated lights! YAY! And it’s now a fun new hair accessory!! What do you think?? hehe May be super neat until your hair catches on fire! OUCH hehe.

Anyhow! My camera has sadly died and i’m charging it so I can post the photos for the tutorial which now looks like it will be up tomorrow! Darn it! Just my like! Okiedokie i just wanted to drop by and say helloooo and i’m off to finish organizing and hopefully taking new photos of fun new jewelry!



2 thoughts on “365 Day Two and Crazy Inventory Day!

  1. hey! I wanna see the hk gumball machine in all its beauty!
    It looks different to mine, which means there are 2 out there and now I want the one like yours 🙂 lol

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