Oh Geez!

Oh Gee Whiz! It’s Been a Rough and Busy Few Weeks! Christmas was AMAZING! I Made Christmas Breakfast for Everyone! We Had Breakfast Burritos and Tater Tots with Loads of Country Gravy! YUM! Then We Opened Presents!! And Rest and Then Jereme Came Home and We Went to the Apartment and Opened Our Presents to Eachother!! YAY! Then Came Back to My Parents House and Started Cooking Christmas Dinner! THEN We WEnt to His Parents and I Opened Some Awesome Presents from His Family! Yay! Busy Busy Busy!! I Wish Christmas Was a 2 Day Thing theres SO Much Going on all in One Day theres not Much Time to Take a Breath! Heres Some Quick Photos! 🙂

Some of My Favorite Presents I Got! Were Hello Kitty Monopoly!! Scrabble Flash! (LOVE) Pink Glitter TOMS! (YAY!!) Donkey Kong for WII! Russian Doll Measuring Cups and Glasses!! and SO MUCH MORE!! eeek!

And When we Thought we Were Done with Presents Jeremes Grandma and Aunts and Uncles Gave us TONS of Starbucks Gift Cards! Target Gift Card AND Movie Gift Card!!! Seriously Got Spoiled this Year its Nuts!! 😀

And I Totally Forgot to Say I Got Jereme this Big R2D2 that Walks Around with You and Talks on Command! Its SO Much Fun I Definately need to Make a Video and Share!!

Anyhow! Im Done Bragging I SWEAR!!! lol haha awe, anyhow! I’m finally Feeling Back to Normal Done with Christmas, Craft Shows, and Now I’m Trying to Reorganize Everything, and Work on Some New Projects!

How is Everyone?? How was your christmas?? what was your favorite present??? Id LOVE to Know!! 🙂 I Hope it was Magical for you and your Loved Ones! 🙂

Okiedokie I Just Wanted to Write a Quick Post since its Been FOREVER! Arg! I’ll be Back ASAP I Promise!



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