Dream Pets!

Ahhhhhh Dream Pets! These Vintage Stuff Animals Called Dream Pets are Now My Newest Collection! Ever Since I Bought My Yellow Bunny at the Antique Store I’ve been Dreaming of More of them! And Guess What?? Today I Found 3 More!!! Eeep! I’m In LOVE!! Now I’m on Ebay and Etsy Hunting Down Some!! But I Only Want to Spend a Teeny Bit of Money on Them ;D hehe. Anyhow I Can’t Wait to Find Some More!
Right Now It’s SO Windy Its Freaking Me OUT! UGH! I Hate Wind SO Much! 😦 But It’s Suppose to Be Over By 9 in the Morning aka 9 Hours! UGH 😦 So I’m Listening to Anti-Flag! YAY! Okiedokie I Just Wanted to Stop By Before I Finish Getting Ready for the Show Tomorrow! (if its windy like this for the show i just may have to pass on it! i hate it!) 😦

Have a Great Night Everyone! Tomorrow I SWEAR I’m Replying Back to Everyone I’ve Been in Such a Busy Mode Lately Tomorrow I’m Relaxing After the Show and Listing New Items in the Shop! YAY!!!

Heres Hoping that I Don’t Blow Away Tonight from the Wind!



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