Headband Making!

So I Just Realized Tomorrow aka in 30 Minutes is Friday! Which Means its the Last Day to Get All My Items Ready for the Craft Show on Saturday! YIKES!! I Have Pretty Much Everything Made (aka leftovers from Crafty Wonderland!) All I Want to Make FOR SURE! Is Headbands, and Hopefully I Can Squeeze in Some Mustache on A Sticks, and a Few Plushies! And A Couple Ornaments as Well! I THINK I Can Make it Happen But We’ll See!

Tomorrow Were Taking My Aunt and Uncle who are in Town from San Diego to my Favorite Antique Store out in Camas, WA then Were Getting Together with the Whole Family to Celebrate my Uncles Birthday! Yay! So I’m Pretty Booked Up for Tomorrow so I’m Staying Up Late Getting as Many Headbands Made as My Hands Can Handle! πŸ˜€

Today I Really Didn’t Do Much! Jereme Worked Till 6pm So I Wasn’t Sure what to Do in Reality I Should Have Been Crafting But I’m Still So Tired lol. I Can’t Wait to Relax! YAY! Anyhow! I Had Better Get Back to Sewing I’ll See You Tomorrow!! Have a Great Friday!!!


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