Crafty Wonderland!


SO After Months of Preparing for Crafty Wonderland the Day Had Arrived and We Were Full in Gear Ready to Sell!! (*YAY*) It Was an AMAZING Show! SERIOUSLY AMAZING! So Many Crafters and Artists that I Admire Were there and I’m Pretty Sure I Spent More Time Outside my Booth Shopping! (whoops) 🙂 Some of the Lovely Artists there that I Saw were Twinkie Chan! Giant Dwarf! Emily Martin of the Black Apple! Nikki McClure! Tripper Dungan! Ryan Berkley! and SO SO SO Many More! I Also Visited My Amazing Crafter Friends Stacie from Sew Many Cats! and Alissa from A Tea Leaf!!! SO MUCH FUN!! eeek!

Anyhow!! I Wanted to Share Some Photos! 🙂 I Totally Forgot to take a After Shot But Here are Some Photos Anyhow! 🙂

Sorry for the Photo Overload But it was a TON of Fun! And I Sold a Kajillion Goodies! And Brought Home Some Awesome Handmade Awesomeness! 🙂 My Favorite Has to be the Mini Starlette Crown By Giant Dwarf! LOVE! 🙂

And I Got My Books Signed By the LOVELY Twinkie Chan (note i was incredibly nervous to meet her i mean like lip shakin nervous lol so i dont have any photos whoops) and I Got My Nikki McClure Book Signed as well YAY! 🙂

Oh and I Used Some of My Earnings on the New Hello Kitty By Tara McPherson for Kidrobot Figurine!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!

Okiedokie I’m Off to Bed! 🙂 Tomorrow Were Going to Get Some Yummy Sushi! Then I Have to Get Back to Crafting I Have Yet Another Craft Show this Saturday! YIKES!



7 thoughts on “Crafty Wonderland!

  1. Sarah! So glad you had a blast at your craft show. Looks like so much fun! My friend and I hope to do a craft show in the summer so if you don’t mind I might have to bug you with some questions, since this would be my first craft show. Loved all the pictures by the way.

  2. YAY! It sure does sound like you had an awesome time!
    I wish I went, and shopped, and saw all the cute things!!!

    EEk, how CUTE is the kr dunny, I have it on the wishlist, hopefully buy it soooon ❤

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