Mini Hair Bows Galore!!

Oh Goodness Things Have Been Quite Hectic Over Here! Yikes! So Lets See Thanksgiving went Well! We Had it at the Apartment and Cooked up a Storm and it Ended Up Really Tasty! Yum! 😀 Then We Went Out at 4:00am to Do Some Shopping then Jereme went to Work and I Slept the Rest of the Day Super Exciting huh? haha Ah Yes! But Me and Jereme Sewed Up Some Super Cute Bow Hair Pins I Wanted to Share with You All! 🙂 It’s True I Taught Jereme How to Sew them Up and He Did Pretty Good! Hooray! We Managed to Get 39 Done Today! SCORE!
This morning we Went to My Friends Bazaar and I Found this ADORABLE Santa for Sale! SO CUTE!
Then We Went to Target and I Got these cute icecream cones and ice cream sandwiches in the Dollar Spot!! SO CUTE!

Anyhow! I Have a Few More bows to make tonight and i’ll be caught up on that! thank goodness! i’ll be back tomorrow i promise! 🙂 i hope everyones doing super!



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