I’m Here! I Swear! :)

Ahhhh Things Have Been SO Busy with Crafting Like a Crazy Lady then I Had a Small Craft Show then I Got Sick! Sheesh! I Seem to Have the Cold thats been Going Around! Jereme Got it Now I Have It! Ugh! Sucks! So I Haven’t Been Getting to Much Done! So Technically I Don’t Have an Excuse for Not Blogging! But Here I’am and I’m Back in the Groove! šŸ™‚
I Wanted to Share Some Photos from the Past Few Days! I’ll be Back Tomorrow I Promise!! šŸ˜€ I Hope Everyones Having a Great Night and Staying Warm!!

My Parents Ordered Me the Brand New Pink Glitter Toms for Christmas! Hooray!
Photos from the Show!Me in My Trusty Heart Ear Muffs with Matching Gloves! SCORE! We Were Heading Out to See Jeremes Little Brothers Soccer Game! IT WAS SO COLD!
Yep It Snowed Today! Ugh! The First Snow of the Season! Now I Don’t Mind Snow as Long as I Know EVERYONES Home Safely and then I Can Breathe But if People are Out on the Road Attempting to Drive in it FREAKS ME OUT!. :I aka worry wart! :/Some Loot I Took Home from the Craft Show! Can You Believe the Crochet food was $11.00 All Together?? I Was in LOVE!! Yay!

Okay I’m Off to Get to the Heater Before the Dog Gets to It!



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