Busy! Busy! Busy!

SO Today Didn’t Go Too Well! I Woke Up took Molly Out to Use the Bathroom and Noticed She Was Rubbing Her Face in the Grass which isn’t too Odd Because She Does that when the grass is all dead and she can itch her face! But she was doing it in the grass where she normally goes to the bathroom so i was like what the heck! Then she came in and i knitted and noticed underneath her eye was getting big and then i saw some other spots on her head that was getting big bumps so we ran her to the vet and found out she must have gotten bit by something possibly a bee and got an allergic reaction to it, so she got a couple of iv’s and went home with some benadryl to take for a few days. i felt sooooo bad!! 😦 i still do poor girl! shes now sleeping away the night!

So Today I Stayed Home and Kept an Eye on Molly Just Incase the Medicine Makes Her Weird or the Lumps on Her Face Get Worse, And in the Meantime I Did Get Some Quick Jewelry Making Done! I Did Some Rings, Earrings, brooches, Pins, a Few Hair Combs!

I Plan on Making Some Recycled Gift Bows for Craft Shows Out of Old Magazines and Newspapers But I had some kraft paper laying around and thought id try making a couple! 🙂

Ooooo I Also Got My Twinkie Chan Crochet Book Today in the Mail!!! Eeep! I’m So Excited About it! Not to Mention Getting it Signed by Her in December at the Craft Show! Hooray! 😀

I Suppose thats All… Hmm.. Oh Wait I Did Get One of the Custom Lumber Jack Men Done As well! He’s too Cute!!! 😀 Almost SO Close Done with the Next and then I Have One More! Its Getting Hard to Get ‘Em Done Since I Have LOTS of Crafting to Do but i’m managing to squeeze a little bit of them in every so often! Phew!

Okay Well I’ll be back tomorrow! 🙂 I hope everyone is doing super!



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