Ahhh As of Lately!

So I’ve Been SUPER Busy Lately! Thursday I Hung Out with My Friend Savannah and Her Adorable Daughter Keilana then Friday was the Pumpkin Patch Saturday I Had a Bridesmaid Meeting for My Sisters Wedding Then Sunday I Worked On a Wholesale Order of Headbands and Today Monday We Got Our Cable Boxes in the Mail So We Installed Them and I Finished My Wholesale Order! Phew! Tomorrow I Have to Take Molly to her New Vet! And Get Her Checked Up and Get Her Shots Done and Nails Done Then Off to the Post Office and Bank and Pay Bills and Come Home and BREATHE!!! lol. WOW I’m Getting Tired Thinking About All of This! Yikes! lol. πŸ˜€
Anyhow! Heres a Quick Photo of the Headbands I Made I Forgot to take a Photo of the Rose headbands She Ordered too! Whoops! And I Made these Cute Bottlecap Magnets! Oh and I Got a Lovely Pen Pal Letter Today with Loads of Stickers! LOVE! <33
I Hope Everyones Doing Amazing! I’ll be Back tomorrow with a Better Post I Promiseeee hehe πŸ™‚
xoxo Sarah*


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