DIY Donut Hole Eyeballs!

So This is a Kinda a Mini DIY Tutorial! Super Quick and Fun! My Sister Had to Make a Quick Halloween Themed Food for a Party She Was Going to Tonight So We Decided to Make Eyeballs! Heres How to Make ‘Em! 🙂

What You Need!

– Powdered Donut Holes
– Black Icing
– Red Gel Icing
– Cocktail Sword Toothpicks

Step #1: Put a Nice Dot of Black Frosting in the Middle of the Donut Hole for the ‘Pupil’

Step #2: Take the Red Gel Icing and Make Squiggly Red Veins!

Step #3: Stap the Eyeball with Mini Sword Toothpicks and ENJOY! 🙂

They Taste SO Good!! Perfect and Super Quick Project for Halloween! 🙂

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