Flickr Favorites

So I Spotted Some Amazing Photos on Flickr From Some Talented and Inspiring People! I Wanted to Share Some of My Favorites! 🙂

Gorgeous Photo of Chelsea on Her Flickr!My Mouth Drops EVERYTIME I Look at this Photo! I Need a Print of It!! Oliva Mew Handcut and Made these Dresses Out of Felt! Amazing! Perfect Halloween Decorations from Danielle T.::Sigh:: The Perfect Lamps and the Perfect Dining Room in the World Via Ashley G. FlickrSuper Fun Carnival Photo from Emalie’s Flickr!Um the Cutest Blanket in the World from Olivia’s Flickr!Kaylah’s Ridiculously Cute Kitty from Her Flickr!And Last But Not Least Becky’s Fall Y’all Crafting Class Photo!! This Sounds SO Amazing! I’m Signing Up Next Week! YAY!!

I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! I’m Switching it into Craft Mode! I Should Have Some Things to Share Tomorrow! Hooray! Have a Great Rest of the Weekend My Friends!! xox Sarah*


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