Plush You!

So We Made it Plush You! in Seattle on Saturday and We Ended Up Taking Lil Molly She Was Feeling Up to It and We Had Room for Her! πŸ™‚ I Can’t Believe How Busy Seattle is and How Many Buildings There are! SO Much Traffic! and Throw in Some Crazy Bums too But I Must Admit it is Pretty and Super Neat! πŸ™‚ I Think I Just May Have Had a Bit of Culture Shock. hahaha Anyhow! It was a LONG 3 Hour Drive But We Made it and Here are Some Photos!

click on the photos to enlarge πŸ™‚
Tonight Me and Jereme Stopped By the Nikki McClure Art Show in Portland and Took Lots of Photos Her Stuff is AMAZING!! I’ll Post the Photos Tomorrow I promise! πŸ™‚ I’m off to Bed! I Added a Few Things to the Etsy Shop!Including My Oil Cloth Banner I Made over the Week! πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Plush You!

    • awe next year you SHOULD SO GO!!! i mainly went to see my lumberjack man in the show it was so worth it!! SO MANY talented plush artists out there!!! you should crochet a little guy for the show!!!

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