Bad Day? I Think So!

So Today Wasn’t the Best of Days! I Woke Up and Molly Was Puking Yellow Foamy Bile Stuff! YUCK! She’s Had it Happened Before When She was a Pup and Earlier this Year It’s Basically as Sign of an Upset Stomach Whether She Ate Something Bad, or Just Has a Bug! So She Puked Like 4 Times then We Decided to Check Her in the Vet Just Incase and They Gave Her 2 Meds One to Help Make it Go Away and the Other a Heartburn Indegistion Time Medicine! She Has Yet to Puke Though Since then! PHEW!

SO In Other Words If Shes Still Throwing Up in the Morning Were Not Going to the Plush You! Seattle Show It’d be to Risky and I’d Be Worried! BUT If shes not puking and seems to be totally better then Were Going to Take Her with Us so that Should Be fun! We’ll See!

AND Then My Dear Friend Rachael wrote on her Facebook She Got Hit By a TRUCK!!!! HOLY MOLY!!! She Said Shes Okay and Hurts a Bit THANK GOD SHES OKAY! RACHAEL IF YOUR READING THIS IM SENDING YOU A GET BETTER PACKAGE PRONTO!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Do Go on Her Blog and Give her LOTS of LOVE!!

Anyhow! I’m SO Happy today is Almost Over With!! Sorry this Post was 99% About Vomit!! lol. Good Grief! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow Hopefully with Good News! πŸ™‚ Hope Everyone Had a Great Day!



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