Organizing? a LITTLE! :)

So We Ran By Target Why? No Reason! We Just Pretty Much Live There!! šŸ˜€ Anyhow I Spotted These Little Organizer Doo-Dads on Clearance and Knew I Actually Needed Them So I Snatched Them Up! šŸ™‚

One is for Makeup! and the Other is a Charging Station So I Can Neatly Organize My Ipod Touch and My Cell Phone! Amongst Other Things! I’m Horrible at Finding Cords and Other Electronics So This Works Out Just Perfectly!

The Other One I Loaded My Make Up in it! I Don’t Wear Much Make Up Really But When I Do I Can Now Find It! WooHoo! šŸ™‚

Heres Some Photos from Cupcake Making Today! I Wish I Captured the Cupcakes Better their a Nice White Frosting With Clear Almost Glass Like Sprinkles! YUM! I Hope His Class Likes ‘Em! šŸ™‚ We Shall See!

SO This Weekend I Planned on Crafting New Things But Have Been Busy With Lots of Misc. Things SO Tomorrow is the FOR SURE Day! YAY! Anyhow! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Sorry this Post was a Bit Random But I’m Pretty Excited I Actually Organized Lets See How Long It Lasts That Way šŸ˜€



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