Feeling Inspired!

So Octobers Here! My Favorite Month By Far! I Love It! Anyhow! We Went to the Maize at Suavie Island Here in Portland, OR and We Took Molly We Went Through the Huge Corn Maze and Then Picked Some Flowers and Had Some Lunch! It Was Great! We Didn’t Purchase a Pumpkin Since Were Going with My Family to the Roloffs’ Pumpkin Patch (from the TLC show Little People Big World) It’s Not too Far from Portland So that Should Be Fun! 🙂 Heres a Couple of Photos from Today!

Then We Went and Had Dinner at Hometown Buffet and I Realized Almost at the End of Dinner on the Reciept they Charged Me as Kid! LOL So I Got My Dinner Half Off!! lol. Ah Good Times! Then We Went to Barnes and Nobles and Jereme Got Me the Handmade Marketplace Book I’ve Been meaning to Buy FOREVER! and I’m In LOVE! It’s Great I Have the CRAFT How to Craft Business Books But I Think This One is So Much More Informative and helpful I LOVE IT!
I’ve Scanned Through the Book a Bunch Already and I Thought this Quote from Nicole Vaughan Was Amazing It Was in the How To: Blog Section and Why It’s Good to Blog! “I’ve Met People All Over the World Online Through My Crafting Blog and Made Great Friends Who Just “Get” Why I’d Be Excited About a Piece of Fabric or a Ball of Yarn”
It’s SO TRUE!! I Love It I Love All of My Blogger Friends and Blog Readers Who Read My Blog About Me Being In LOVE With Certain Random Things and How Some Other Lovely People TOTALLY Understand Why I Love It. And I Love Reading Other Bloggers Posts about Certain Things and Totally being Able to Connect with them! Seriously the Blogging World is Quite a Lovely Place to be! 🙂

Anyhow! Jereme Got a Big Art Magazine and I Stole this Page from it, I Have a Great Idea! And it involves this sort of design!! 😀 So Exciting! 🙂

OkieDokie I Hope Everyone Had a Super day and Will Have an Even Better Weekend!! I’m Dedicating ALL Weekend to New Projects for the Shop! So I’m Pretty Excited to Start New Things! Yay!! I’ll Share Some Tomorrow!!



5 thoughts on “Feeling Inspired!

  1. im dying to read your blog but the layout really confuses me! I dont know if its because im dopey or because i wear glasses but all the content in the different columns slightly confused me and made me go squintys >< like that!

    im guna try my best!! im also reading that book!! scanned through it… lol i have so many crafty books to read! im totally loving this month too 🙂 yay for halloween!!!

    I have an owl type giveaway on my blog at the minute if you are interested


    • oh my goodness your blog is THE best!!! im so excited to read every posts!!! and i must do that giveaway!!! and im so sorry the blog is a bit confusing!! 😀 im still tweaking it a bit 🙂 im so happy you found the answer to fix it though!! 😀 yay!

  2. Ooooh! I’m supposed to go through a corn maze tomorrow, your pics have me even more excited!
    And that magazine tear is wonderiffic! Can’t wait to see the project it inspired! 😀

    • oooo awesome kerri!!! you’ll have to tell me how it went!!! do they have haunted ones there too?? the one we went to people pop out and scare you! :[ eheh yikes! and omg i cant wait to work on the project!!

      • It rained and got cancelled! *sad face*
        Ah well, I ended up getting a ton of embroidery done for my next big project!
        Was yours haunted? I think I’d be way too terrified for that!

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