Wrapping Paper? Tape? Cat Lamp?

So We Took a Trip Down to Michaels and I Got TONS of Awesome Stuff!! Mostly Tape and Wrapping Paper to Be Honest!! 😀

I Found These Cute Mini Rolls of Decorative Tape!!! Eeep! You Get Like 6 for 49 Cents AMAZING! I Had to Stop and Just Get One of Each I Would Have Bought them out But I Was a Good Girl hahaha

I also Got the BEST Wrapping Paper in the World!!! It Looks Like Christmas Sweaters!!!! EEEP! and Cable Knit Sweaters I LOVE IT! $1.00 a Roll!! HECK YEAH!

We Then Stopped By the Thrift Store and I Found Some Awesome Trinkets! A Cat Statue! a Cute Cup and an Owl figurine!!!

BUUUUT The Best Find I Found Was This AWESOME CAT LAMP!!! LOL!! jereme Said NO! Then I Talked Him into It and I Cleaned Him Up and He Is Looking Quite Sharp!!! I LOVE HIM! the Perfect Crafting Lamp!! 😀 and for $7.99 i Couldn’t Say No! 🙂

I Hope Everyone is Doing Super I’m Working on the Etsy Shop Some More Tonight So keep a Look Out! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Wrapping Paper? Tape? Cat Lamp?

  1. Amazing amazing amazing! I love that cat lamp! And the kitty statue!
    My parents have the parcel you sent waiting at their house! I am soooo excited about it…I’ll be going there for Canadian Thanksgiving (which is much sooner than American Thanksgiving!), so I can unwrap it then! 😀

    • thanks Kerri!!! ooo awesomeee!! canada thanksgiving!!! i never knew you guys had thanksgiving too!! how great!!! 😀 i hope you like the goodies!!! 😀

  2. something about that lamp reminds me of Lord of The Flies. lol.

    Sarah, I owe you your way too late birthday present. because i am lame like that and you are a WAY better friend. also, when are we doing a curry lunch!?! i saw jereme at school the first week but was so busy i couldnt stop to say hi, im always late to class! oops.


    • awe Rachael!!! i don’t need a bday present!!! 😀 thats SO funny it reminds you of lord of the flies!!! lol 😀 hehe oh and CURRY SOUNDS AWESOME!!! lets do it!!! and you saw jereme?? awesome!!! i told him to keep a look out for you!! lol but he was like i cant remember what she looks like.. lol. sheesh!!! hahaha

  3. omg i totally have the answer!! ive just added you to blog lovin.. so i can read all of your posts as one page when they come! woop!!

    I am also a crazy cat lady and i freakin love that lamp!!

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