So I Had an Idea in My Head to Make Pin Cushions and Thought Mushroom Ones Would be the Cutest! So We Went to SCRAP in Portland, OR Which is a Store that Has Tons of Fun Recycled Supplies People and Local Businesses Come in and Donate for SUPER Cheap! It’s Seriously the Best Place Ever and Ridiculously Cheap! But Anyhow I Found Some Wine Corks and They Were 25 cents for a Handful and I Grabbed the Big Ones and I Figured These Would Be PERFECT for the Stumps! So I Painted them and then Made the Top Out of Felt and I Even Sewed in The Lines on the White Felt to Make it Look Like Real Mushrooms and I Added Some Fun White Spots I Then Filled it with Lots of Polyfil and I Added A Memory Foam Circle Pad in the Middle of the Cushion for Extra Fluff! (which was also from SCRAP! 25 cents a handful!!) And Now It Became a Ridiculously Cute Pin Cushion!! Im Putting It in the Shop Right Now! You Can Also Just Use it for a Fun Decoration as Well!! 🙂

I’ll be back later it’s been so busy here! hope everyone is doing amazing!!



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