SO My Aunt Can Crochet Amazingly and Bought Me My Own Kit to Try and Crochet! I’ve Been failing Miserable! lol. But I Went on You Tube And I Went to the video on How to Make a Granny Square and Some How I Ended Up with This! lol. I’m not Sure Where I Went Wrong, or Maybe Im Doing Something Right? Any one Have Any Idea? I Figured I’ll Just Keep Doing What I’m Doing and Change the Colors and See What I Get. But I’m Just Not Quite Sure What Happened! lol. Any Book or Videos or Any Kind of Recommendations Would Be Awesome!

In Other News I Have a New Addition to My Apple Family! The New Ipod Touch!!! YAY! Jereme Got Me the Older One for Christmas then the New One Came Out Recently and Has a Camera and I About Fell Over and Had to Purchase It! I Love it SO Much! I Have Lots of Photos to Share But Accidently Uploaded Them to the Wrong Computer WHOOPS So It’ll have to Wait till Tomorrow! Yikes! Does Anyone Have Any Iphone/Ipod Touch Apps that You Love? I Bought Hipstamatic but for Some Reason It Keeps Freezing and Failing on Me! SUCKS! 😦 But I Did Find Some Other Fun Photo Apps!

We Went to Food Fight! In Portland Which is an All Vegan Grocery Store! Its Amazing Really!! We Plan On Going Back FOR SURE! But I did Find Some Cute Stickers!!

Okiedokie I’ll be Back Tomorrow with Lots of Photos! I’m Off to Paint this HUGE Owl Statue I Bought at Tuesday Morning Hot Pink! He Was a Really Weird Looking Faux Stone Color Not the Best for Sure! 😀



7 thoughts on “Crocheting?

  1. ahh that store sounds amazing!
    and I love that sticker “fake meat saves lives” its so true, ahhh ive converted a few people recently to fake meat, and they have gone almost vego now, im so happy!!! ❤ if it saves even 1 or 2 animals from torture just to make meat, well its awesome.

    love the crochet, i think it looks awesome, i find it tricky to do, so gave up 😉 hehe

    ps: i added your blog banner to mine hope thats ok!

    • its soooo amazing!! so much goodness!!! next time i go ill pick you up some stickers for sure!!! 😀 and yes crocheting is so tricky!! i’ll just see what it ends up lol. 😀 and you added my blog banner??? REALLY!! im adding yours right now!!! thanks SO MUCH JODIE!!

  2. I have an ipod touch and i LOVE it. The only app i bought was The Price Is Right. 🙂 When you perfect the “granny square” you should put them in your shop!


  3. Try this

    That’s how I learnt to do them. IIt took forever and I gave up a few times but once you manage to complete one you’ll know what your doing! nstructions from internet tend not to be very clear at all. I’m thinking of doing my own tutorial on my blog because of the frustration I had trying to learn!

    You have the actual stitches correct, which is more than I started out with! x

  4. Thats amazing if you’ve never crocheted before.
    I can knit but not crochet yet, so thanks for the injection of inspiration i think i shall give it a try.
    x x ^___^

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