Please Take a Moment to Vote for Logan’s Photo! :)

Heres a Quick Note From Jereme’s Brother Logan Who has a Photo in a Contest to Win $1,000.00! Please Take a Quick Moment to Vote! He Will Be So Happy!! 😀 And You Can Vote Once Every Day So that Would Be Super! Here’s His Note! to Read More Go to His Blog HERE! 🙂

I am entered in a photography contest and I need you votes to help me win. If I win then I will have enough money to buy a new camera which I so desperately need in order to advance with my photography career. All you have to do to help me is make an account and login and vote for my images. It is not to difficult and will take less them 5min of your time. It’s easy.

Here how to do it:

1. Go to this website:

2. At the top it should say click here to sign-in and vote. Click that button.

3. Then click “Sign Up For Free” which is at the bottom of the new pop up.

4. Fill out all required areas and hit register.

5. After you have done that click this URL –

6. My photo (my little brother in the sand) should pop up with a rating of 1 through 5 at the bottom. Click the 5 to vote for me.

7. After that you should be all done and you can continue with your life. Or if your really cool you can tell your friends to vote for me too.

It might seem like a lot of steps but only because wanted to make it very clear on how to vote so I made it a few more steps long so there was no confusion.

If everyone could do that I would appreciate it so much. Thank you a ton in advance for those who helped me and voted.


Logan Westom Photography


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