My Plush You! Seattle Show Entry!

So I Got Accepted to Be in the Plush You! 2 Show in Seattle! I Entered My Lumber Jack Man and He Got In!! 🙂 I Ended Up Making a Huge One!! I Think It Turned out Pretty Awesome! I Thought it Was Much Easier to Make a Huge One Rather then a Small One But I Definitely See More Lumber Jack Men in the Future! 🙂 But I Totally Forgot to Share Photos So Here He Is! 🙂 If Your in the Seattle Area He Will Be in the Plush You! Opening on October 8th! I’ll Be There Come Visit!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Plush You! Seattle Show Entry!

  1. Congrats on getting in! You had posted some pictures when you were building him. He turn out great! I especially love the belt buckle, that was a nice touch and it presents you, OH MY DEER!

  2. Wow…this look exactly like one of my coworkers.
    If I end up being his secret santa, would it be wierd to give him a plushie version of himself for Christmas?

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