It’s Happened Once Again!

I Was Sitting on the Couch Watching Everybody Loves Raymond Knitting a Hair Bow Clip and then I Thought of a Fun Headband Idea and Stopped Everything Until it Was Made! This Seems to Happen Often When I’m Crafting I Believe that’s Why I Have So Many Half Finished Projects Laying Around! Sheeeeesh! Anyhow This is What Came Of it! 🙂

I Used Some Super Pretty Vintage Chiffon Type Fabric I Got at A Yard Sale Eons Ago! It Has Pretty Hydrangeas All Over It! 🙂 I Also Stuck in Some White Organza and Added 3 Pearls in Each of the Flowers Then Attached it to a Super Comfy Black Stretchy Headband! So Cute!

I’d Love to Hear Your Input On It! 🙂



3 thoughts on “It’s Happened Once Again!

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