Of Course I’m a Day Late on Making Items! 🙂 So I Did Manage to Get a Few Things Made Tonight I’m Working on a Few Rose Headbands in Fall Colors and They Should Be Done By Tomorrow Night! So Today I Got 2 Leaf Headbands Made and a Feather One Made as Well as a New Style of Feather Hair Clip! Super Fun! My Lightbulb Went Out in My Bedroom So The Pictures Aren’t the Best! Boo! 😦

I’m Adding them Into the Shop Right Now! 🙂

So In Other News Today It Rained Cats and Dogs! Which I Won’t Complain I Miss the Rain So Much! It’s Nice to Be Back in Cardigans and Hoodies and What Not! YAY! 🙂 We Went and Got Some Cupcakes at Treat! YUM!

I’m Not Sure If I’ve Showed You These Photos So Im Sharing Them Again if I Did Already Post Sorry! 🙂 New Bow Cardigan! Yay!New Panda Bear Hat!This Huge Deer Lawn Statue I Got at Home Goods! It Was This Horrible Sponge Paint Looking Color And I Decided to Buy it and Re-Paint it So Far It’s White (duh! lol) I’m Either Going to Keep it White or Make it Nice Fun Bright Color I’m Undecided So Far! 🙂Oh and Check Out the New Shoes from Urban Outfitters I Got on Clearance! Love ‘Em! 🙂

Okiedokie I Better Post These Items I’ll be Back Tomorrow! Have A Great Wednesday Everyone!!



3 thoughts on “Headbands!

  1. Love the head bands, what a great way to celebrate the fall; so cute.
    Thats weird as i miss the rain and the gloomy weather too. I just really enjoy being at home with lots of cute blankets; you get so much done to. haha.

    I got two hats like that, i brought a couple of days ago, ones a teddy and the others a black wolf, racoon thing but its soo cute.
    I upload pictures onto my blog tomorrow.

    ^___^ .x

    • thanks so much! i know what you mean!! i love the rain and i feel like when it’s raining and i’m home i get more done crafting wise! either that or i’m extra sleep and lazy lol. 😀 and oh my goodness your hats sound awesome!!

  2. Haha, I do love lazy days though. Its raining today, so i feel the need to make some plush birdies to celebrate the change of season is in order haha.

    Ive uploaded the post on my hats :]


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