Nice to Meet You!

So I Was Reading Miss Rachael’s Blog Post About Meeting Everyone Who Reads Her Blog! And I Said Darn It That’s an Amazing Idea and So I’m Stealing Her Perfect Idea (hope she doesn’t mind! :)) and I’m Going to Say Hello! To Everyone Who Reads This! It Shows I Have a Decent Amount of Views and Some Followers Here and There and I’d LOVE To Get to Know YOU and Send You a Small Gift in Return! Some Sort of a Pen Pal Present?

All I’d Like You to Do Is Leave a Comment with At least One of the Following Answers to: What’s Your Name? Where are You From? Whats Your Favorite Thing to Do? And Where Can I Send You a Lil’ Token of Thanks for Being Amazing! And Of Course if You Don’t Feel Like Writing Your Address Publicly Feel Free to Email it to Me @ πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You!

  1. Hi there!

    I’m Maddie. I’ve been really into the “indie arts and crafts scene” lately, and I’m planning on starting my own blog and opening my own Etsy shop sometime soon with all of my own homemade arts and crafts (like jewelry, knitted blankets, etc.)

    I’m from Cleveland, and my *newest* fave thing to do is create, create, create! I’ve been really into making stuff lately.

    (4891 East 96th Street
    Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125)

  2. Name: Paige
    Favorite thing to do: go shopping at thrift stores and resale shops!!!
    I am from: Kyle, Texas

    Address: I will email it to you!

  3. Hi! My name is Brandi Laws.
    I love to THRIFT!!!
    I am from Jonesboro, AR

    3605 Lexee Drive
    Jonesboro,AR 72404

  4. Name: Jodie
    Favorite thing to do: Make cute things for my etsy shop, and for fun, play and snuggle with my kitties, shop, listing to insane amounts of music, and go to the beaaach!
    I am from: Newcastle, Australia!! πŸ™‚

    address: you may have it but Ill email it anyhow!

    ps: I love your blog and always visit, you may already know that too, but yeah you are a crative, inspiring girl! love it.

  5. Hi, I’m Crystal Ayala. I’m from Las Vegas, but now live in Portland with my dog. Currently my favorite thing to do is to go to coffee shops and work. I also enjoy playing with my dog. My address is 2121 SE Belmont Apt 216 * Portland, Or, 97214

  6. Hi! my name is Alny, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona
    my favorite things to do is shop, preferably thriff, and vintage. Oh! I also love Etsy shopping! or browsing!
    my address is 831 N. 6th ave apartment 116 Phoenix, AZ 85003

  7. What a cute idea. My name is olivia and I stumbled upon your blog by way of flickr. I live in sunny Florida and I like sewing, crafting, photography, crocheting, blogging.

    My address:
    P.O. Box 4515
    Clearwater, FL 33758

  8. Hi!! I love this idea!

    My name is Lorraine, my friends call me Lo
    I love creating. Anything. Small crafts to paintings to clothing.
    Your blog is a lot of fun to read, I’m so glad you ‘called out’ some of your followers (aka me!)
    I hail from Akron, Ohio (*waves to Clevelander Maddie who posted above* ‘Hi neighbor!’)

    Address: will send an email

    • Well, hello, right back to you, neighbor! πŸ™‚

      Akron is a great place. One of my best friends hails from Akron, actually. Great city. I miss it, I haven’t been there in eons!

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