Falls a Brewin! :)

Falls COMING!!!! I CAN FEEL IT! It’s Getting Colder Well Down in the 80’s FINALLY! And It’s Going to Be in the 70s This Week! YAY! Fall is BY FAR My Favorite Season EVER! I Love the Leaves Changing to Beautiful Colors and the Rain and How it’s Hoodie Wearing Weather I LOVE IT! And Believe it Or Not! I Did See A Tree Today that Had Orange Leaves!!! YAY! I Will For Sure Hunt Down the Tree and Take a Quick Pic for Proof! hehe! 🙂
ANYHOW! Miss Chelsea Left Me a Super Sweet Comment on One of My Headbands Saying it Would Be Great to Have a Fall Color Leaf Headband! and I Thought YES! PERFECT! So Today I Was Set Out to Make a Couple! Heres What I Got Done! Please Imagine a Black Headband Attached to them! 🙂 I Ran Out and Im Going to Pick Up Some Tomorrow! 🙂 Whoops! 🙂
So First One I Did, I Made it Look more Like Leaves Its Just Something New I Thought Id Try Out It’ll Lay Flat on a Black Headband Once its Done! 🙂 Sorry the Last Photo is Blurry!! Eesh! And Here is the Basic Leaf Design! I Think I’ll Add More Stitching But it Will For Sure Be On a Black Headband to Make it More Wearable! 🙂

I’ll Have them in the Shop Tomorrow for Sure! 🙂 Ill Be Back Tomorrow for Music Monday! Woohoo Good Night Loves!



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