Headbands Day 2

So Today I Managed to Get In 2 New Headbands I Was Seriously Trying and Trying and TRYING to Make A Bunch of New Ones But I Had the BIGGEST Craft Brain Fart! Do You Know What I Mean? Like the Night Before I Had TONS of Ideas and I Woke Up Today Thinking Okay Tons of Ideas Tons of Stuff To Make and BOOOM Nothing Worked Out or I Just Couldn’t Think of Anything Good to Make! Sheeeeeeesh! But ANYHOW Enough Complaining! Heres What Turned Out!

Headband #1: Felt Heart Headband! I Sewed Up a Variety of Hearts and Stitched Like a Crazy Lady on Them and Boom this Was Born! Its Super Comfy and Unique!

Headband #2: Another Felt Leaf Style Headband! Super Comfy as Well and Lots of Colors!

Tomorrow I Have to Finish the Finishing Touches on My Lumber Jack Man and Im Going to Try and Get a Smaller One Done Too for the Show then I’ll Ship it Out Friday! WooHoo! I Got Accepeted for this Portland Art Speed Craft Thing, Its Where You Show Your Product to A Bunch of Different Little Shops Around Town for 2 Minutes then Move on to the Next Vendor and Try and Sell Your Product to Get it in their Shop! Im Super Excited But Terrified at the Same Time lol. But Im Going to Do it I Need to Do Something Outside My Bubble! Oh and Guess What?? My Aunt Got Me a Crochet Kit with a DVD and Some Yarn! So Im Going to Attempt to Get My Craft On! WooHOo! 🙂

Oh and Check Out this Tree!! A Doily Tree!! SO CUTE!

Okay I’ll Be Back Tomorrow I Promise! And im Adding the Headbands in the Shop Right Now! Woot!




3 thoughts on “Headbands Day 2

  1. Oh my, these new headbands are ADORABLE! Holy cow! The leaf one would look super cute with just red, yellow, and orange leaves for Fall! Eccck! I would totally sport that around :] Love the cute heart one as well! You go girl!

  2. Awe Thank YOU SO MUCH Chelsea!! It Means SO Much Coming from You!! And I Totally Made a Couple of Ones with Fall Colors!!! 😀 THANKS SO MUCH for the Idea!! If you Like Them Let me Know and Ill Send You One!! 😀

  3. Did you sell the Leaf one? I went to your shop and I didn’t see it there. If you did/you’re keeping it for yourself, would you be willing to make another one cause I need it!

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