So I’ve Been Trying Out a Few Different Styles for Headbands and I’ve Been Playing Around with Felt and Fabric Etc Heres a Couple I’ve Made They Aren’t that Fantastic But I’m Working on Some Other Ideas to See What Ends Up Looking Better! I Have a Bunch More Ideas Im Going to Work on Tomorrow So Keep a Look Out! 🙂 Also I Think Im Going to Have a Giveaway Before the Week Ends!! Super Exciting! Okay I Hope Everyone is Having an Amazing Week Sorry this Post Is a Bit Small I’ll Be Back Tomorrow!

Both Headbands Available in the Shop Right Now! 🙂 I’ll Be Adding More Headbands Later Tonight as I Finish ‘Em! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Headbands!

  1. Awww, I missed out! They were both sold by the time I checked your Etsy shop. But I’ll keep my eyes out for next time.

  2. love the colorful felt headband! unfortunately with my glasses, headbands dont really work, only so much can fit behind a girls ear! lol Super cute though! love the colors and the stitching!

    • lol awe i know what you mean!! let alone wearing a headband with sunglasses i bet wearing one with eye glasses would be uncomfy! thank you so much though on the compliment! 😀

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