Trying to Catch Up Here!

So I Thought I’d Post Some Photos of What I’ve Been Up to Last Week So I Can Get All Caught Up So Tomorrow will Be a Fresh New Post with New Things to Show! 🙂 Hows that Sound? Good I Hope So! 🙂 So Here Weeeee Go! 🙂
So I’ve Been Working on A HUGE Lumber Jack Man It’s Almost Complete I’ll Have Better Photos Soon I Promise! 🙂 So I Got My First Bridesmaid Task from My Sister and She Gave Me this Big Cardboard Round Box to Decorate However I Want in Her Colors for Her Guests to Put Wedding Cards and What Not in It, and I Got it Done! I Made the ‘Flowers’ Out of Silk in Her Colors and Painted it a Nice Creamy Brown and Added Some Baby Pink Ribbon! Super Cuuuuute and She LOVED it Thank God! lol. Im Afraid of Bridezillaaaa lol.Kitty Found Out She Can Sit Behind the Blinds! 🙂 Played Around with My CameraRe-Loved My Old Flats!I Told Jereme to Give Me His Guitar So I Can Act Like I Knew How to Play It then He Made Me Laugh Saying Real Quiet While I Was Waiting for the Camera to Take the Photo ‘your holding the guitar the wrong way’ hahaha i guess you had to be there…. lol.My Cuteeeee GnomeFavorite Mug!My Awesome Wind Up Monkeys I got for 75 Cents!!I Found Sweet Pea Laying Outside Flat on His Back in the Shade!I Made a New Headband! Just a Prototype I Have Some Tweaking to Do On the Pattern! Found Some of My Sunglasses!Today I Made a Cute Hydrangea Looking Hair Clip! Lots of Workkkk But So Fun!

Okay I Think Im All Caught Up PHEW! hehe I Hope Everyone is Having a Great Weekend So Far!! I’ll be Back Tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Trying to Catch Up Here!

  1. Someone has been a busy bee. Glad you’re keeping yourself busy. Love your Huge Lumber Jack and Prototype headband!

    • thanks soooo much lizette!!! yeah im trying to keep busy i have tons of ideas that need to get out of my head and made lol. so much to dooooo! how are you doinggg? you need a blog!!

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