Treat Cupcake!

So Yesterday Me and Jereme Ventured Out to Downtown Vancouver and Went to a Cupcake Shop Called Treat! Little Did We Know We Had Found a Gem in Little Ol’ Vancouver!! Holy Cow! Seriously First Things First Its So Sleek and Clean and Awesome Looking Inside and They Had About 8 Different Kinds of Cupcakes All Gorgeous Looking and I Decided to Settle with the Vanilla Frosting on Vanilla Cake One Just Because I Figure If You Can Make an Amazingly Tasting Classic Cupcake Then Its All Good From There. And OH MY GOD. Seriously the Best Thing Ever and I Do Plan On Coming Back This Week to Get Some More! YUM! First the Frosting Was So Soft Yet Sugary and Smooth DELICIOUS and the Cake Holy Cow So Moist and YUM! Jereme Got the Snickerdoodle Cupcake and Said It Was Great Too! 😀 I Can’t Wait to Go Back! 😀

Okay I’ll be Back With Another Post Soon!



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