Finally A New Blog Post!!

So My WordPress Has Hate Me Lately and Won’t Let Me Upload Photos!! Poo! So Here I’am Finally Writing a New Post!! Sheesh! So What I’ve Been to Latelyyyyyyyy is Cleaning the Apartment!! (woo! i guess? lol.) We Decided to Stay in the Apartment Instead of Moving Since it Would Have Been a Huge Hassell and Would Have Had to Live in an A-O-Kay Apartment Instead of Paying a Few Extra Bucks to Live Somewhere Where we LOVE and Felt Like HOME. It Almost Felt Like a Step Backwards if We Moved to a Okay Apartment Just to Say a Few Bucks a Month! (did that make any sense…? i hope so! ;D) Anyhow Were Cleaning it to Make it Sparkle and its Looking Good! Im Starting to Bring a Few things Over! Which is Exciting to See things Change with More of My Stuff included! πŸ˜€ I’ll So Take Photos Tomorrow to Share!! Im Not Sure if I Ever Shared Photos of it!! So Yes Tomorrow for SURE!! πŸ˜€

Anyhow! I’m Working on a Few New Projects!! Lots of New Hair Accessories! I’m Working on a Headband with Fabric Felt and Rhinestones! So Exciting lol. I Would Have it Done Right Now if I Wasn’t So Lazy! Sheesh! But I’ll It Done Tonight With Photos to Follow Tomorrow! PROMISE! πŸ™‚ Okay So Anyhow Enough Chit Chat I Wanted to Show Some Photos of My Favorite Things I’ve Been Finding While Online!! I Hope You Enjoy!!

Sarah*HELLO KITTY MONOPOLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? i came across this when my Aunt showed me who is also a fellow Hello Kitty freak and i just about died. One of the Only Things Im Good at is Monopoly! Seriously I Have About 25 Monopolys and Love it Oh SO Much and Hello Kitty is Just Amazing Im Obsessed and When You Put Those Two Beautys Together Im in LOVEEEE. Okay Ill Stop Gushing lol. Um.. This Amazing Looking Dish of Noodles By the Amazing Kaelah Bee’s Boyfriend Recipe Found Here! It Looks SO Delicious I Cannot Wait To Try It!!!! YUM!!SHUT UP! Seriously Im Speechless This Car is AMAZING and I Just Can’t Imagine it Being a Real Car!! Its BEAUTIFUL Crochet! the Ultimate Crafters Car!!Is this the COOLEST Tree House in the World?? How Awesome Would it Be to Stay There!! Its Like an Ewok Tree House!! You Can Actually Purchase one too!! HereBeautiful Braids!!! I’ve Been Attempting to Braid My Hair Cute Via You Tube Videos But Have Yet to Succeed! Darn It! πŸ˜€RED HAIR! Gorgeous! Yep Im Almost Positive Im Going to Get This Done! Especially Now that My Hair Has Grown Out Super Long I think It Would Work Out Great! And Perfect for Autumnnnnnn YAY!These Amazing Glasses!! Im in the Market to Get a Pair that I Would Actually Wear ALL of the Time and I Think These Guys Fit the Bar! I Just Have to Find Them For Sale! πŸ˜€ Last But Not Least Jeremes Kindle! LOVE! <333


4 thoughts on “Finally A New Blog Post!!

  1. I love my red hair, i think you’d look great in it. and my hair is super big and curly so it looks a little wilder. πŸ˜€ can’t wait to see it

    • i loveeeeeeeeeee your red hair seriously it was one of my inspirations it looks gorgeous!!! i cant wait to show you! i should be getting it done in a week or two! hooray! πŸ™‚

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