So Today Was a Pretty Lazy Monday! Although We Did Manage to Fill Out the Application to See if We Can Get the Rental House We Want and the Lady Said there Should Be No Problem and Just Expect a Call from the Property Manager to Go Over the Application and What Not! Eeep! So Exciting! I Can’t Wait to Decorate and Re-Organize Everything! After that We Had Dinner with the Family and We Helped My Sister Get All of Her Saves the Dates Organized! Those Envelopes Tasted Grosssss Especially After the 30th One! Sheesh! I Can’t Believe Were Going to England in Less then a Year for the Wedding! And Then Were Spending a Week in London Were Renting a House So It Would Be Easier to Stay In then a Hotel! Super Excited! Ill Post a Photo of Her Saves the Dates! They Decided to Do Magnets So Everyone Can Remember When and Where it Is! And Yes She is Getting Married in that Huge Castle thats on the Magnet! lol.
Anyhow! I Managed to Start A New Crafting Project I Made Some of These Cute Fabric Round Hair Clips! I Love Them So Much! I’ll Have them for Sale on Wednesday! WooHoo! Oh and I Don’t Remember If I Showed My Play Vintage Phone! So Cute I Love it! I Love How the Cord is Like Shoe Lace Material! So Funny!
Also I Started My Paint By Number!! It’s So Fun But Holy Crap Does Mine Look Horrible! lol. I’m Hoping it All Comes Together at the End… We’ll Seeeeee! lol.
Tomorrow Were Going to Get Last Minute Crafting Supplies for the Show and Craft The Night Away andddd Get Some Tacos and Pick Up the Shelf I Meant to Get Today But Had to Change the Time! Exciting!!! Anyhow! I Wanted to Stop and Say Hi and I’ll Be Back Tomorrow with Website Review!



2 thoughts on “Today!

  1. 🙂 it will totally come together – the kitty! I can’t wait to see it finished! Where’d you get it? I want a pup one 🙂
    The hair clips are so cute!! 🙂

  2. i got it at learning palace! its like an educational store thing! i believe they had puppy ones!! ill check next time i go!!! and get you one!!! 😀 and thank you sooooo much!!! 😀

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