Just a Rant! Feel Free to Ignore! :)

Just Ranting Sometimes I Get So Confused On How People Charge People to Have Their Link on Their Blog! I Can Totally Understand Like $15-$35, But When It Gets as High As $180.00 Holy Cow! I Just Can’t Imagine Asking People to Pay that Much! I’m Sure Your Blog Gets Tons of Hits, But In the Long Run In My Personal Opinion That’s Just a Horribly Thing to Ask for that Much! I Mean I Paid Almost that Amount to Just Get an Advertise in BUST! Magazine for A Month! And that’s in a Magazine! And I Paid Like $70 (it might have been cheaper!) to Have an AD on Fred Flare’s Blog! But I mean Yikes! I’m Sure It’s Just Me Thinking This, But I Just Don’t Know! I Should Probably Stop Before I Go On, and On and On About This! I’ll Be Back for a Fun new Post! Think MUSIC! 😀

Oh and I Totally Forgot to Mention How EXTREMELY whole heartedly thankful for EVERYONE who adds my link or my blog button to their blog seriously it’s incredibly i never would imagine that, that would happen! Im So thankful! and if you have my blog button or even a link to my blog please let me know i’d LOVE to add your link or button on mine as well!! 🙂 thank you thank YOU thank YOU!



One thought on “Just a Rant! Feel Free to Ignore! :)

  1. I completely agree with you! Some people forget that they had to start somewhere too and I doubt they would have paid that amount of money to advertise on a blog they liked to read. I just don’t bother with big blogs that much anymore anyway. They lose their personalities after a while and become a competition for how many pointless posts they can do in one day! Ha my rant is over now too! :o)

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