Molly Had a Bad Day!

So Yesterday Was a Long Long Long Day! We Took Molly in for a DHLCCP Shot (something like that!) Just a Normal Yearly Shot, and We Came Home and She Was Perfectly A-O-Kay! Then We Went Out to Lunch and Came Home and She Was All Shaky And Whining and Just Plopped Down On her Belly for No Reason And We Noticed On Her Leg Where the Shot Was, Was Huge So We Ran Her to the Doctors and They Had to End Up Giving her an IV To Get the Swelling Done and All Fixed Up And We Had to Wait 2 Hours To Get Her Home, and Now She’s On a Couple of Different Medications for About a Week!
Now She’s Just Sleeping and Resting! Sheesh I Was Dying Yesterday 😦 😦 😦 I’m SO Happy to Have Her Home and Resting! Okay But I’ll be Back Later Tonight! Sorry for the Sap Story It Was Horribly Scary!



4 thoughts on “Molly Had a Bad Day!

  1. OM goodness!!! i hope she is going to be okay. pups are so dependent on us, i had sometime similar with my pug and what was to be a regular shoot check up. the poor things.

    • awe poor pug! i know! isn’t it horrible! we go in for a normal shot update and she gets horribly sick! she’s doing much better ! thank goodness!

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