Brand New!

This Post is Dedicated to One of My Favorite Old Bands EVER! I’m Not So Much Thrilled with Their New CD (at the moment! it takes me a bit to get use to a new cd!) But There Old CDs Were Beautiful Especially Deja Entendu and I Found it and Can’t Stop Listening to It! And I Was Searching We Heart It and Found Some Lovely Photos Dedicated to Brand New! 🙂

And a Video of Course! 🙂

One of My Favorite Songs from One of My Favorite CDs EVER! 🙂 <333 Anyhow! 🙂 I've Been SO Busy Garage Saleing and Thrifting and BBQ'ing! Lots of Photos to Share I Promise!!! 😀 I Hope Everyone is Doing Fantastic!! Oh And This Week I'm Going to Take an Attempt on Getting My Drivers License Permit!! HOLY CRAP hahaha Sorry It's a Huge Step for Me! lol. So I'm Excited! And I Might Be Getting My Hair Dyed If Not this Week for Sure Next Week! Yay! 😀 hehe Okay I'll Be Back Hope Everyone Is Doing Amazingggg!



4 thoughts on “Brand New!

  1. Eeek! I LOVE Brand New. They are my “go to” band when I get tired of all my music.My favorite songs by them are “Ok, I Believe You…” and “Jesus Christ.” “Jude Law…” was my jam in high school, though.

  2. yessss! all those songs are amazing!!! definitely my favorite band through out high school as well!! 😀 so nice to hear another brand new fan!! 😀

  3. This post is seriously after my own heart. Brand New has been one of my favorite bands since early high school. I know how you feel about their new cd (and new stuff in general). It always takes me a while to warm up to it. Their music is classic though, and I adore Deja Entendu always and forever.

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