Rainbow Cake Tutorial!

WOW Has It Been Forever Since I’ve Made a Tutorial! (so sorry! i’ll get back to work on that!! :D) A Lovely Girl Named Danielle! Asked If I Could Do A Quick Tutorial on How to Make a Rainbow Cake! So I Said Heck Yes!! And Here We Go!

First Gather Your Ingredients! Basic Ingredients Most Important One is a Box of White Cake Mix! (You Could Always Use Your Own Recipe from Scratch as Long as It’s White Mix) And Don’t Forget the Food Coloring! I Used Neon But You Can Definitely Use the Normal Colors As Well! And a Simple Cake Pan!

Next Make that Cake Mix! As Followed as the Box Directions! Ease-ey Pea-sey!

Next I Like to Butter the Pan! Just to Give the Pan Some Nice Easy Outing When Your Finished! πŸ™‚

Now It’s Time for the Fun Part! Take Some of the Batter and Put it in a Bowl or I Used the Measuring Cup I Dirty-ed Up While Making the Mix! And Add A Few Drops of Your Choice of Food Coloring! And Get to Mixing!!

Now You’ll Wash Out Your Bowl You Were Using to Mix Color #1 and Get Ready to Pour in Another Batch of Cake Mix In It and Mix Color #2 In It! (or you can always use more bowls if you don’t mind a lil mess) And I Forgot to Say When You Add the Next Color Your Just Have to Pour the Next Color on Top of the Previous Color Don’t Mix Them with a Spoon or Anything! πŸ™‚

Keep Mixing New Colors And Adding Them On Top of the Previous Layers! Until Your ALL Done With Your Cake Mixture! πŸ™‚

Once Your Done with the Layers It’s TIme to Cook It Up! Theres No Special Timing Just the Same as the Cake Mix Box!

Once It’s Done Get it Out of the Oven And Cut a Slice of It to See the Magic!! You Could Wait Till It’s Cooled and Frost It THEN Cut a Slice But Hey I’m Super Excited By This Point! lol. πŸ˜€

Time to Frost The Bad Boy Up!

YUM-O!!! Now This One Turned Out More Marble/Tye Dye Looking then My First One Since I Didn’t Have Even Circles of the Layers of Cake Mix So If You Wanted More of an Actual Rainbow Lines Just Make Sure the Different Colors of Cake Mix Pour in EXACTALLY Over the Previous Colors (aka you won’t see the previous color that you poured into the pan)

I Hope You Got Inspired to Make One Right Away! So Yummy!! I Also Recommend the Pink Cherry Frosting Over the Vanilla One SO Good!! And Make Sure to Look at Kaylah’s Blog for Her Rainbow Creations! Such as Bread!! Cupcakes and More!!



6 thoughts on “Rainbow Cake Tutorial!

    • yay!!! i can’t wait to see yours!!! πŸ˜€ and oh my goodness that candy sushi you made is incredible!!!! seriously i can’t get over it! i MUST attempt to make some!

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