So Today Me and My Family Went to the Rodeo! So We’ve Never Been to One and Didn’t Know What to Expect, And Yeaaaaaah SO NOT US! lol!!! Oh Good Lordy Loo We’ll NEVER Go Again! Not Our Cup of Tea! But It Sure Was A Lot of Peoples Thing to Do! It Was Even a Sold Out Show! Yikes! I Don’t Even Really Want to Talk About It Or I’ll Keep Talking About How I Was Frusterated with the Poor Baby Cows and Bulls. 😦 So Sad. But Yes I’m Leaving it at That! 😦 But Here are A Few Photos! I Didn’t Take Much We Really Just Wanted to Leave But It Was So Packed We Had NO WAY Seriously NO WAY Of Getting Off the Bleachers UGH! Worse Day Ever! Thank Goodness 4th of July Is Tomorrow! Hooray! Hope Everyone Had a Super Day! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Have a Super Safe Day Tomorrow!!



2 thoughts on “Today..

  1. Rodeos are not my cup of tea either haha but you and your guy look way cute there 🙂

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