Blog Schedule Day 10!

So Today’s Blog Schedule Day 10 Is to Take a Photo of Your Favorite Drink!

Now Normally it Would Be This… Shirley Temple of Course!!! Love ‘Em!

BUT Now I’m Doing This 30 Day Shred and Eliminating My Drinks to Just Water So It Is Now My Favorite Drink.. *Sigh*

🙂 Well Tonight We Went Had Some Thai Food This is What I Got! Pad Prik King with Tofu 5 Star Spicy Sooooo Amazingly Good I LOVE IT I Could Eat it EVERYDAY If It Was Possible! Yum!

We Also Went and Took My Sisters New Car (Kia Soul) Through the Car Wash! I Haven’t Been in One in FOREVER So I Was So Excited Yet Nerovus and at the End When the Dryer Goes On It Shook the Whole Car So Freaky lol. haha. So Cool My Name Pops Up on Her Dashboard When I Call! lol.The Different Color Wax Was Soooo Cool!Melissa Acting Like She’s Puking the Wax hahaha Niiiice.Oh and Heres a Quick Photo from the Soccer Game the Other Day! It Was So Much Fun! I Can’t Wait to Go Back Again Soon!!Jereme at the Game!We Decided to Hang Out at the Beer Garden and Watch the Game! (Better Views Anyhow! :D)

Well Today I Did Start the 30 Day Shred DVD Workout! And Man Am I Out of Shape! But Towards the End I Was Doing Much Better! So Much Fun! Jumping Jacks! Waving Arms! Punching! Perfect!! And 20 Minutes is Always a Plus! So This DVD Has TONS Of Great Reviews!! On So Many Websites and So Many People Have Lost Pounds Within a Month! Sounds Perfect to Me! And Theres 3 Levels Each Level You Do In 10 Days and By the End of the 30 Days You Could Loose 20lbs!! We’ll See!! 😀 But I Decided to Stop Eating After 9pm and No Fast Food and Drinking Just Water! Im Crossing My Fingers this Works Out So Far So Good!! 😀 WooHoO!

Okay I Should Get to Bed! Busy Day Tomorrow! I’ll Be Back Later! Don’t Forget About the Couple Giveaways Going On!! *Look at the Post Below for Details :D*



2 thoughts on “Blog Schedule Day 10!

  1. its working good!! i had to take a day off since i was pushing myself to hard but it’s great! you sweat a lot which i think is always good on losing weight! and its only 20 minutes long which i think is great! im excited to see some results! you should def. try it! 😀

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