Day 7 of Blogging Schedule

Okay So I’m Posting Day 7 a Bit Early Since Tomorrow I Want to Have a More Normal Blog Post with Lots of Photos! So Day 7 is ‘Post a Photo that Makes Your Cry’

So It Doesn’t Make Me Cry But It’s a Photo from the White Stripes Documentary and It’s the Last Scene of the DVD and Jack Sings ‘White Moon’ and They are Both So Full of Emotions and Then Meg Crys and Gets Super Emotional at the End of the Song and Jack White Hugs Her, and It Shows So Much How They are So Connected and Amazing, UGH I Get So Teary Eyed at This Maybe I’m Just Weird But I Just Love Them So Much My Favorite Band EVER. If You Have Yet to See the Documentary You Should For Sure It’s Amazing and Gives Me Chills. I’ll Watch it Over and Over Again!

Heres the Video of the Last Scene! It Takes a Bit to Get to It But It’s Super Great! Have You Had a Song that Just Made You So Emotional? Like Certain Songs I Use to Listen to In High School and that I Listen to Now Make Me Think of Some Sad or Rough Times It’s So Weird When a Song Gets Connected with What’s Going in Your Life at that Moment. So Crazy!

Okay Sorry I Can Go On and On and On… But I’m Off to Bed! I’ll See You Tomorrow!



One thought on “Day 7 of Blogging Schedule

  1. wow. that was intense. haha. ive always loved the white stripes so that was very cool to see. i’ll definitely have to check the documentary out now. =)

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