Day 4 of ‘Blog Schedule!’

So It’s Now Day 4 ‘Show Where You Went Today’

So Today Was Pretty Busy! We Dropped By the Post Office to Mail Off Some Packages, then Went Off to Portland, and Got Some Noodles, and Then Went to Art Store to Get Some Supplies for Jereme, Then We Dropped By Juicy Couture and Jereme Got Me a New Charm! Then We Went to the Missing Link and It Was one of Their Last Days There Till They Move in July So We Got Some Magazines and a Toy! Then We Went to Target and I Got 3 Pairs of Shoes on Clearance for Only $4.98 Each! Then We Went to Michaels and Got Some Paint Pens! Super Fun Day!! Tomorrow I’m Going to Chuck-E-Cheese With My Friend to Celebrate Her Daughters Birthday Shes Going to Be 4 How Exciting!! I Just Love Her!! I Hope She Enjoys the Presents I Got Her!! 🙂 I’m Off to Bed Now I Hope Everyone Had an Amazing Thursday!!


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Day 01 – A picture of yourself
Day 02 – A picture of what you wore today
Day 03 – A picture of what you did today
Day 04 – A picture of where you went today


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