OKAY IM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW, SO I’M SO GOING TO WRITE IN CAPS AND IM SORRY IF YOU THINK I’M YELLING BUT HOLY CRAP! I Stumbled Upon Someones Blog and They Wrote About a Diana Nikon Adapter! And I Was Like This ‘WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!????’ to Be EXACT! So OF COURSE I Ran onto Amazon and Typed as QUICKLY as friggen possible to find one and found one immediately bought it then i forgot to get a DIANA LENS to connect to my adapter lol. so i went back on and found a telephoto lens for the adapter!!! and the girl who wrote about it in her blog has a nikon d40 which is the one step lower from my nikon d60 and it works on hers SO im crossing my fingers it will work on mine too!!! EEEEEP! i cant wait to get it in the mail and try it out!!!! holy cow!!!! so it’ll be like a DIGITAL DIANA shoooot!!! sorry for the freak out moment i’m SO EXCITED!





4 thoughts on “WOWZERS!

  1. I have this for my Canon. I bought the lens, but forgot the adaptor, lol.

    You can also use the different lenses from the Diana camera, too. Pretty cool.

    • awesome!! lol thats so funny i did the opposite and bought the adaptor then forgot to get a lens lol. did you ever get an adaptor and try it out? 🙂 i can’t wait to see if it works then i can get the other diana lenses!! 🙂

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