Rose Painting!

So Heres Another Blog Post! Yikes 3 In One Day! NUTS I Know! But I Have Energy to Finish Up a Bunch with a Bunch of Photos I’ve Been Meaning to Post! lol! SO Anyhow! Theres a Rose Festival for Portland, OR That has a Art Show that You Can Try and Submit a Piece of Work thats Rose Themed to Get into the Show SO I Stayed Up Literally ALL Night Until 4:45 In the AM To Be Exact And I Got This Done!!
SO It Turned Out Almost Identical to the One I Sold at the Art Show Earlier this Year, And I Found Out I Needed to Turn it In from 10-12pm the Next Day So Jereme Came Over Around 10:30 And Told Me He Found another Hole in His Tire!!! Eeep So He Went to Les Schwab and He Was There Till Around 11:30 and Needless to Say This Painting Never Made it to the Art Show 😦 Poop! But I Just Wanted to Share It With You Guys! 😦


Anyhow! I Think I’m Done Posting for the Day Sorry for All the Random Blog Posts! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow Unless Something Else Pops Up! 🙂 hehe!



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