Fashion on a Budget?

So While Browing Forever 21’s Website I Found a Ton of Items for a Steal of a Deal! Im Working on Being on a Budget Especially in the Fashion Region! (sad but true!) And I Was So Happy to Find These Amazing Deals!
Super Cute Skirt Also Comes in Black, Heather Gray! Only $3.50!!Leggings!! Seriously I Love Leggings They Are So Perfect for Under Dresses to Keep You Cozy and For Only $3.50 What a Deal!Super Cute Romper Also Comes in Black! For $9.80! So Cute!Adorable Tee with Bubble Sleeves Only $3.50!Super Nice Skinny Jeans! ONly $9.50!Adorable Shoes! $7.50! Also Comes in Gold and Silver!Adorable Summer Scraf for $4.50! LOVE These Floral Sunglasses for $4.80!

SO Much Cute Goodness on that Website!! It’s Hard to Figure Out what to Get! Eeep! πŸ™‚


551503921 551503919

5 thoughts on “Fashion on a Budget?

  1. ahh! forever 21 is the best. i would shop there if it WAS more expensive, but it’s not so it’s a goldmine! i like that they’re always so current with the greatest fashion trends and they have so many cute vintage looking things. i have a hard time looking because everything is worth buying haha. great post!

  2. awe thanks kat!!! i know what you mean!! i go there and sometimes im just OVER whelmed and i have no idea where to start and end up leaving with just a few items or sometimes i leave there with bunches of goodies.

    ps: your blog is ADORABLE!

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