I’m Back!

Eeeep! Boy Does it Feel Good to Not Have that Darn Flu Anymoreeeeeeee!!! No More Body Aches! No More Fever Nothing! Although Now I Have the Darnest Cough that Just Won’t Go Away Which Sucks But I Can Actually Leave the Houseeee!!! Holy Crap! It Was Nice to Take In Some Fresh Air! lol. 🙂 So What Did I Do?? Post Office (same ol same ol!) and Went to Macys and Bought a Cute Pair of Flip Flops!this Photo Doesn’t Give ‘Em Justice! 🙂 They Are Havaianas and The Gold is So Nice and the Brown and Oh My God They Are Comfy! 🙂 Sure the Original Price is $25.00 (which really isn’t that bad but i usually buy the cheap-os still super good!) BUT They were on Clearance for $16.00 THEN They Were On Additional Sale if I Bought 2 Pairs So I Got My Sister a Pair and Got EVEN More Off So They Were $12.00 Half Off HOLLA hahaha ;D Anyhow I Hope They Wear Good We’ll See! 🙂
SO I Wasn’t Planning on Just Talking About Flip Flops In this Post… haha Sorry. 🙂 Well I Have a Kajillion Things to Add to My Etsy Shop I Plan on Doing that Tomorrow Although Its A Bit Busy the World Cup Is On So Jereme is Focusing on that ALL Day and Then Were Celebrating his Lil Brothers Bday! He’s Going to be a Friggen Teenager!! Holy Cow! When Me and Jereme First Got Together I Think He Was Like 7! Geeeez! 🙂 Were Going to the Lego Store and Cheese Cake Factory! 🙂
Hooray! Okay I’ll Be Back Tomorrow with a more Proper Post ;D



3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling better!

    The Havaianas you got are extra cute! I’ve been admiring their bright colors for awhile.


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