I’m Sick!

Oi Vey! I’m Sick! I Think its the Flu I Mean I Have Major Body Aches and a Horrible Headache Not to Mention a High Fever, Although My Fever is Slowly Going Down Thank Goodness it Was in the 100’s Last Night and It Freaked Me Out, I Usually Have a Pretty Low Temperature So It Was Scary to Have Such a High One! I Hope It’s Just a Bug, And I Won’t Get the Chills and Nauseated and Other Symptoms that Go Along with the Flu. Ugh! Cross Your Fingers This Goes Away ASAP! 😦
Anyhow! I Managed to Connect My Internet to a Neighbors and It’s Just Barely Working So This Will Be a Short Post! 🙂 But Oh the Donut Making Machine was a Complete Disaster! 😦 I’m Thinking Maybe It Was Just a Bad Recipe I Used! But If Anything I’m Thinking of Making Donut Shape Cupcakes? Yeah? We’ll See. I Have Photos of the Sad Disaster I’ll Have to Post Them Later! Okiedokie I better Get Some Tyneol in Me! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow!



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