Donut Machine!

So I Still Have No Internet Pure Sadness! But I Managed to Get on Jeremes Computer to Do a Quick Post! So Yesterday Was Mine and Jeremes 6 YEAR Anniversary! Holy Crap! 6 Years! And What Did He Get Me?? A MINI DONUT MACHINE! OF COURSE!
I’m Over the Moooon Excited About It! It’s JUST LIKE MY Mini Cupcake Machineeee! And That Thing is The BEST Invention in the Whole UNIVERSE! So I’m Super Excited to See How Well It Works! But I’m Looking ALL Over For a Good Donut Recipe! I Want Like a Super Good Recipe Like Dunkin Donuts Kind of Donuts Not the Donuts We Use to Make with Biscuit Dough and Fry ‘Em! Just Doesn’t Taste the Same! SO Without Internet I Couldn’t Get a Chance to Look Anything Up But I Looked In My Moms Super Old Betty Crocker Recipe Book and Found a Couple I’m Going Try.
So I’m Going to the Store Right After this Post to Get the Supplies and Tomorrow I’ll Show You the Results Cross Your Fingers it Works! 🙂 Maybe If this Works I’ll Need to Have a Bake Sale with Mini Cupcakes and Mini Donuts? Yeah! Sound Good! I Think So! 🙂

Heres Some Inspiring Donut Photos I Found! Yummmmm-o!

On a Side Note Last Night We Watched ‘The September Issue’ About the Editor (i believe the editor) of Vogue and Her Story It Was Amazingggg I’m Defiantly Going to Buy It! I Love Documentarys Like That! So Inspiring! 🙂

Okay I’m Off the Store I’ll Be Back Tomorrow with the Results Dun Dun Dun Dunnnn…. 🙂


(present i got for jereme)


4 thoughts on “Donut Machine!

  1. Happy Anniversary! Six years? That is amazing! Congratulations!

    Your anniversary gifts are so neat, and so thoughtful as well! Can’t wait to see the donuts you make! Oh, and that poster is so amazing. What a sweet though!

    PS LOVE The September Issue, what a great documentary it is!

    ❤ Chelseabird

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