Nada Surf!

So Today Me and Jereme Went and Saw One of Our Favorite Bands Ever (it might be jeremes favorite band i can’t remember it’s a cross between a couple!) NADA SURF! Love Them! I Was Nervous Since We Hadn’t Been to A Show in Atleast A Year But They Were Great and Everything Was Amazing! Although My Good Cameras Battery Was ALMOST Dead So I Figured I’d Just Bring My Little Camera, and It Sucked Booty! But I Did Get a Few Videos and Some Photos! Still Bad Photos But YOU GET THE IDEA hehe I Needed Some Kind Of Memories! 🙂
Anyhow! It Was Super Fun! And I Hope We Go to More Shows Soon! 🙂 Jereme and His Brother Logan are Going to See Thrice on Friday! Super Jealous! I Might Try and Talk ‘Em Into Me Going With Them hmmmm? hehe We’ll SEE! But On Friday is Emily Martins (the black apple) Art Show in Portland, OR and I Wanted to Go to that on Opening Night in Hopes to Meet Her As Well! So I’ll Have to Figure out What to Dooooo!
Okiedokie! I’m Stinky I Need to Shower! I’ll Be Back Tomorrow!! Hope Everyone Had a Great Weekend!!! And Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!



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